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B.5.8 Royal Arch Jewels

Most Masonic jewels are medals and badges of distinction and honour, although there are also many examples of real jewellery. Early Royal Arch jewels are beautiful, although rather simple, and now they are rare and valuable. Craft jewels are known since 1727 when Masters and Wardens of private lodge were told by the Grand Lodge to wear the “jewels of Masonry hanging to a white ribbon”. The approved Royal Arch jewel, the badge of the Order, includes the interlaced triangles and the triple tau. Some of the early Royal Arch jewels of the “Antients” show an altar under a broken arch and include the sun in spendour on a triangular plate. They are known since 1781. Others have, in addition, the Ineffable name and the triangle includes a torch extinguished by the … Read entire article »

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B.3 The “Antients” Grand Lodge

The “Antients Grand Lodge” has been active since 1751, although it was still known as “The Grand Committee of the Most Antients and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons” in 1752. The term “Grand Lodge” appeared in 1753. By the time of the Craft Union in 1813 its official name was “The Most Antients and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons according to the Old Institutions”. The first edition of the “Antients” Constitution, written by Laurence Dermott, dates from 1756 and is based on Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723; it is named “Ahiman Rezon” which meaning is not known. It was Dermott who called his opponents the “Moderns”, although it is not clear whose of the two organisations was more modern. The “Antients” were promoting the “Royal Arch” that they … Read entire article »

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