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A.1.2 Recent History

The formation of the two administrative counties of East and West Sussex dates from 1889. It was really only the official regularisation of a situation of fact dating from Saxon times when there already were two archdeaconries of Lewes and Chichester. The area of the Sussex County (East and West Sussex) in 1878 was 1466 square miles (934,000 acres; East Sussex, 530,570; West Sussex, 401839). In 1961 it was recorded as being 1457 square miles (it is not known if the difference is due to an improved accuracy of the measurement or to a loss of 11 square miles). The population has increased over time as follow: Notes: 1871: (199,532 males; 217,924 females) / 1911: (299,188 males; 364,190 females) / 1961: (East Sussex, 665,904; West Sussex, 411,224) Population in 1911: The population of Brighton and … Read entire article »

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