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C.4.6 The Legend of Hiram Abif

Hiram Abif is the central character of the most important legend of Freemasonry. He is known under different names, among others, Churam Abi (2 Chronicle ii, 13), Churam Abiv (2 Chronicle iv, 16), Churam Abif (translation of the Bible by Luther), and finally Hiram Abif in the Anderson’s Constitutions. All Masons to day use this name. Ab in Hebrew means father, i means my, and in, iv or if means his. In consequence, Hiram Abif means “Hiram his father”. However the word father is also used by the Hebrews as a term of honour or pre-eminence, even Master sometimes. Hiram Abif was probably selected by the King of Tyre to go and help King Solomon because he was a very skilful artificer, able to do things for the Temple that … Read entire article »

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B.9.2 The Biblical Background

King Solomon’s beautiful Temple did not last long as his country was surrounded by Pagan people, and even the Jews erred from time to time in idolatry. After Solomon’s death ten of the twelve tribes formed their own kingdom with Samaria its capital. The remaining two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, held Jerusalem. For many centuries this proved to be a difficult task because, due to the war between Egypt and Assyria, Palestine was very often invaded. The First invaders, the Egyptians sacked Jerusalem and stole the gold from the Temple; then the Kingdom of Samaria fell in 722 BC to become an Assyrian province and the Ten Tribes were taken captive, while in the meantime Jerusalem remained peaceful. Eighty years later Josiah repaired and refurbished the Temple, which led Hilkiah … Read entire article »

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