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E.4.3 The Hiramic Legend of the Third Degree

Legends in which the central figure is sacrificed in the course of his duties and miraculously brought back to life are found in many old religions and Hiram’s story is certainly related to them, but it is not known how it entered Freemasonry. It could have been brought in from the Rosicrucians and their Legend of the Tomb, but this is not certain. What we know for certain is that many lodges started to work the Hiramic degree around 1730, but nothing is known how it started. The personality, if not the name, of Hiram was known in the Old MS. Charges more than two centuries before, but it was not necessarily associated with a tragic legend. It is not mentioned in the Regius Poem (Halliwell MS.), but it appears in … Read entire article »

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C.4.6 The Legend of Hiram Abif

Hiram Abif is the central character of the most important legend of Freemasonry. He is known under different names, among others, Churam Abi (2 Chronicle ii, 13), Churam Abiv (2 Chronicle iv, 16), Churam Abif (translation of the Bible by Luther), and finally Hiram Abif in the Anderson’s Constitutions. All Masons to day use this name. Ab in Hebrew means father, i means my, and in, iv or if means his. In consequence, Hiram Abif means “Hiram his father”. However the word father is also used by the Hebrews as a term of honour or pre-eminence, even Master sometimes. Hiram Abif was probably selected by the King of Tyre to go and help King Solomon because he was a very skilful artificer, able to do things for the Temple that … Read entire article »

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