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2.7.9 Major Villages within the Hohokam Core Area

The true measure of the Hohokam can only be derived from the sum of their material culture. This is best understood from a review of their principal population centres, or more appropriately major villages. Although sharing a common cultural expression each of these major villages has its own unique history of emergence, growth, and eventual abandonment. •    Snaketown Snaketown was the typical Pre-classic Period settlement and preeminent community of the Hohokam culture area. Snaketown is situated within the Hohokam Pima National Monument, located near Santan, Arizona. Excavations conducted in the 1930s and in the 1960s revealed that the site was inhabited from about 300 BC to AD 1050. At its height in the early 11th century, Snaketown was both the centre of the Hohokam culture and of the production of the distinctive … Read entire article »

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2.7.3 Hohokam Chronological Sequence (HCS)

Archaeologists utilize a complicated Culture History based Period/Phase scheme to explain the sequence of significant cultural change. The reason the HCS is confusing to many is because there remains two primary methods of expressing this information with, in addition, many theoretical variants. Only the two primary schemes will be mentioned here: the Gladwinian and Cultural Horizon expressions. It is important to remember that the HCS is applied only to the Hohokam Core Area. The cause of these differences and the range of cultural variability within the Hohokam Culture will be addressed below, however to some extent it represents communities influenced by their Anasazi and Mogollon neighbours. … Read entire article »

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