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E.2.1 The Influence of Scottish Freemasonry

The history of Freemasonry in Scotland followed a path of its own due to the different political and economical conditions. In England, at the time when speculative Masonry emerged, there were few operative lodges whereas in Scotland there were many, and the whole mason trade was organised around them. Recent research has shown that symbolic Masonry initiated also in Scotland, and was not imported from England in the eighteenth century as many people thought. Irish churchmen started building churches in Scotland in the sixth century, but this stopped in the tenth. Stone workers from England started again to build churches in the twelfth century and this explains why the churches built at that time in both countries are so similar. The English influence lasted until the early fourteenth century and was … Read entire article »

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The author is an engineering graduate from Liege University (Belgium) and MIT, and who worked for most of his career as an European civil servant. He has no special academic qualification in neither general nor religious history. However he has spent more than 10 years reading and analysing books and other documents related to the history of early Christianity, old mystery schools and freemasonry, as well as of the related groups and organisations of the past. Although this does not make him a qualified expert, or a recognised scientist in these fields, he has acquired a wide knowledge that he has put at the disposal of interested people on the Internet. An Outside View of Freemasonry Everybody has heard something about the Freemasons and the judgement of the majority is, in the whole, negative: “Freemasons … Read entire article »

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