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The Winnebago War, also referred as the Le  or Fever River Warian War, was an armed conflict that took place in 1827, in the southwest region of the state of Wisconsin, between members of the Winnebago (known also as the Ho-Chunk) tribe, local militias and the U.S. Army. Although losses in terms of lives were minimal, the Winnebago War was an immediate and determinant precedent to the much larger conflict known as the Black Hawk War. i- Causes of War A treaty of peace had been signed at Prairie du Chien on August 19, 1825, by the terms of which all the common boundaries between the white settlers, the Winnebago, Potawatomi, Sioux, Sauk, Fox and other tribes, were defined. While the situation remained generally tense but peaceful between settlers who arrived in … Read entire article »

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The Black Hawk War of 1832 took place in the Illinois and Michigan territories and the USA were victorious. On one side there were the United States Army, the Ho-Chunk, the Menominee and the Potawatomi while on the other there were the Black Hawk’s British Band: the Sauk, the Fox, the Kickapoo, the Black Hawk–aligned Ho-Chunk and the Black Hawk–aligned Potawatomi. On the USA’s side there were about 9,000 men from the Illinois Militia, 1,500 Regular soldiers and more than 300 USA aligned Ho-Chunk, Menominee and Potawatomi Indians opposing about 300 Indian warriors and 1,000 civilians. The casualties and losses –including civilians- were about 60/70 killed in action on the US side and 450/600 on the Indian side. The Black Hawk War was fought in the Midwestern United States. The war was … Read entire article »

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